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Space utilization


The office space utilization metrics you need to know:

Workstations per employee

average number of workstations you use for each person – including cubicles, desks, tables, and chairs within your workplace. You can optimize this to optimize space efficiency or reduce downtime during peak periods.

Percentage overcapacity

describes the number of employees who need to leave a work area for any given period in order to optimize occupancy or reduce wait time during peak periods such as lunchtime or before/after meetings. This includes estimating how many offices need to be freed up by employees leaving early.

Capacity vs. occupancy rates

usage based on maximum capacity for space efficiency to optimize areas and improve workflow. This can be done by using floor plan software with a built-in formula for calculating usage.


another ratio based on the number of employees who work from home at least one day in a given month. This helps optimize office space if the majority of your workforce is mobile.

Capacity and occupancy

the number of people that can be seated in a room based on the number of seats and an architect's recommendation for maximum capacity.

Cost per

the average annual cost to lease, decorate, and furnish an office space per team member in order to optimize layout design within a given budget.

Space-specific utilization

the average capacity per hour in a specific room or area, as well as how many hours an area is used throughout the day.

Open space performance

for open space environments, specific metrics usually include average density, sensitivity to noise, and privacy, as well as optimize common and collaborative areas.


the portion of available time that one or more rooms are blocked because no space is available.

turnover rate

whether rooms at your company are considered clean/dirty after each use

Immediate occupancy rate

how quickly a given room can be occupied after it has been cleaned up.


the number of hours a room is used, availability, and downtime for that room.


the number of people per square foot in your workspace.

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